Pre-Designed Kits

Here at Chrome Camouflage, we design kits that are meant for you to enhance the look of your vehicle at a price you can affod, by doing the install yourself. These DIY kits are not for full paint coverage, but rather to enhance your current colors. They are designed to be easy so the novice installer can have professional results. No trimming needed. 

DIY Off-Road Vehicle Wraps

Gun Wraps

Truck Graphics

Rally Stripes

Boat Graphics

Tool Box Wraps

Golf Cart Wraps

    Personalize or Customize your Wrap

    We print when you order so we can change colors, add logos, whatever you need, to make your wrap uniquely yours. Automobile wraps is one of the best forms of advertising. Display your company logo on your tailgate, rocker panel, doors or hood to increase brand recognition and draw in more business. . 

    Concealing Camouflage

    We have cloaking camoufages to match just about any terrain. We have realistic types of camouflage and we have the traditional military styles of camo. 

    Metallic Camouflage

    We have metallic patterns to color match just about any OEM factory metallic paint to make your camo look like it came straight from the factory! 

    Hunter Camouflage

    We have camouflages for just about any terrain, to keep you concealed in the wilderness. Our patterns range from swampland to winter woodlands. 

    Military Camouflage

    We have military style camos - both in traditional and non-traditional colors! We can color match your vehicle with the OEM paint code. 

    Digital Camouflage

    Camouflages for the modern age! Digital camos in an array of colors. We can also color match your vehicle's paint with the correct OEM paint code. 

    Camouflage for the Do-It-Yourself Installer

    Our Products:

    Chrome Camouflage

    Revealing Camouflages

    Like the look of camo but don't the concealement? Want to make sure the evenyone knows you're there? Look inside for camo ideas that will get you noticed! 

    Skull Camouflage

    We have camouflages to appeal to that little bit of evil in you. Lots of different styles in this category but the one thing they all have in common is the skull. 

    Chrome Camouflage

    Our signature series of camos. Several different styles of ultra shiny camos - Great way to have a camouflage pattern but still attract lots of attention!